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I hope everyone comes out of this as well as possible. A few quick things:

• This is the “last call” for the overall hotel rate and rewards banquet manpower. The deadline is Saturday for both. If you’re still looking to secure a room at the UAB Birmingham Hilton, ASWA has negotiated a room rate of $119 per night. To make a reservation, call 205-933-9000 or follow this link: Hilton events

• For the workforce, please let me know by a short message. If you’re planning on coming to the banquet, but haven’t sent your money yet because you’re not sure how many people you’re bringing, give me your best estimate. We fully understand that things change.

• For your information, the response has been absolutely tremendous. It’s going to be a very big night.

• Reminder: The business meeting at convention is where we discuss and vote on rule changes. If you don’t show up, you have no argument on things like the voting procedure for high school polls and all-state drafts. Sorry if that sounds obtuse, but it really is that simple.

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• We may need help contacting some of the 50 Legends and/or family members of those no longer with us. Thanks in advance, we appreciate it.

Sam Adams
Clyde Bolton
Mike Bolton
Al Browning
Jerry Bryan
Jimmy Bryan
Paul Cox
Bill Easterling
Hoyt Harwell
Charles Earth
Max Mosley
Zipp Newman
Bob Phillips
george smith
Bill Shelton
jimmy chokes
Naylor Stone
Alf Van Hoose
Ronald Weathers

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for the Athlete of the Year awards and entered the writing contest.

For any other questions, try this link: ASWA

We look forward to seeing everyone!


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