At a time when voting rights, reproductive rights and freedom of expression are under threat, DR. RITA FIERRO Ph.D. Evaluates the History and Explores the Systems that Brought Us Here in Her Book DETERMINING THE SEEDS OF WHITE SUPREMACY


Dr. Rita started writing just before George Floyd was killed; its publication date, 05/24/2022, falls on the eve of the second anniversary of his death

The book is designed to rewire our understanding of systemic racism and offer a practical approach to dismantling oppression

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Rita Sinorita Fierro, Ph.D.. is a white woman with dual Italian/American citizenship who has studied systemic racism for 30 years, on four continents. Dr. Rita channels this wealth of experience and scholars into her powerful new book, Digging up the seeds of white supremacy (Collective Power Media), forthcoming May 24, 2022 – the Eve of the second anniversary of by George Floyd the death.

A coach and healing professionalshe intertwines memory with a robust speech on race and culture bridging the gap between construction of racism and the practice of self-healing. Dr. Rita’s story is based on historical facts; She adds illustrations to view his message, personal practice notesand “How” guidelines to help readers embody anti-racism.

Created via iPad, Dr. Rita’s drawings were conceptualized as graphic records to help readers digest complex issues, further support visual learners, and illustrate 500+ years of history on the other side 10 systems. The tree picture“The whole system: from roots to branches” – works as an infographic for the thematic flow of the book: the System with a capital “S” who brings everything simple systems with a The lower cases” whole.

Dr. Rita says that when we act out of fear, we support “the system”. The progressive and liberal side of our culture continues to accumulate evidence of injustices – but we haven’t found a way to spread it. The analysis led to paralysis. How do we use this evidence not to confirm what we already know, but to transform the racist systems that drive society – to change the world for the better, for everyone?

In the “personal practice” part of the chapter”Building collective power,” she writes,

  • “Connect to my body: feel the fear. Feel it until it is gone”
  • “Connect with others: share the challenge of living beyond fear.”
  • “How does it feel to live on trust instead of fear?

Later, she wrote, “We must stop accepting that inequality, inequity and injustice are normal and unavoidable. We need to engage in the collective intellectual imagination of what it looks like to meet everyone’s needs.”

At a time when disinformation rages, mistrust of “The other” is epidemic, and rights are threatened daily, this book could not be more timely. Dr. Rita hopes that by following her example, people can build collective power and co-create new seeds together – “an exercise in replacing fear with love.”

About the Author:
Dr. Rita Fierro Ph.D. is an intellectual artist, author, speaker and radio host. For 30 years, she has studied systemic racism. Combining a coaching approach with evaluative thinking, she runs a consulting firm that assesses projects, social inequalities, and provides processes that illuminate complexity for corporations, foundations, nonprofits, NGOs, and organizations. United Nations. Dr. Rita has a doctorate. in African American Studies Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaand a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Rome, Italy. She co-founded Home for Good Coalition to transform systemic racism by placing the voices of people traumatized by systems at the center of her work. Born in New York Cityshe lived in her family’s ancestral town in Italy from age 10 through his college years. Dr. Rita comes from a long line of traditional healers, and she is both a Reiki and family constellation practitioner.

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Dr. Rita interviewed for life its podcast – Discussion: The bridge between systematic racism and healing

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Digging up the seeds of white supremacy
ISBN 978-0-5783786-3-3 (hardcover)
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ISBN 979-8-9858796-2-9 (Audiobook)
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ISBN 979-8-9858796-1-2 (paperback)

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