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This week on New Mexico in Focus, the Line Opinion Panel addresses the startling number of wildfires burning in our state and the growing concern about what this means for the rest of spring and summer. All this as forecasters continue to issue ongoing drought warnings across the state.

The Panel also delves into the Governor’s race ahead of the GOP primary, analyzing fundraising totals and recent political ads.

Also, reaction to a new proposal in the city of Albuquerque to create large encampments for the city’s homeless population.

Environmental journalist Laura Paskus discusses the importance of science education for young people and adults with educator and consultant Mollie Parsons. Parsons tells us about the PBS Learning Media modules, now available to teachers and interested parties.

Correspondent Russell Contreras sits down with an expert on Latinx voting trends to talk about what we’ve learned from 2020 and how it could translate to the 2022 primary season.

New Mexico in Focus airs on NMPBS 5.1 (KNME HD) Friday, April 15 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, April 17 at 7 a.m., and streams on the PBS video app.

NMiF Segments

Our education on the land
Laura Paskus

Mollie Parsons, Educator, Cerise Consulting

Latinx Voting Analysis

Russell Contreras

Stephanie Valencia, Co-Founder and President, Equis Labs

The line’s opinion committee
Tom Garrity, Garrity Group Public Relations
Rebecca Latham, Executive Director, Girl Scouts of New Mexico
Laura Sanchez, lawyer

Gene Grant

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