The Fiji Times » Rabuka supports Ratuva’s analysis


The leader of the People’s Alliance party, Sitiveni Rabuka, supported the analysis of Professor Steven Ratuva, an award-winning political sociologist and global interdisciplinary researcher, on political parties forming government.

Professor Ratuva told this newspaper that not all major political parties in the 2022 general election could form the government on their own.

Basing his analysis on polls over the past 12 months, Mr Ratuva said the FijiFirst party and the People’s Alliance-National Federation Party coalition would struggle to win.

In response, Mr. Rabuka said that Prof. Ratuva had made a very good assessment of the current situation, and he recognized the wisdom of forming coalitions to prevent the dissipation of opposition votes by smaller political parties.

“Furthermore, it must be said that the registration of new political parties will make it more difficult for all in the race, but the People’s Alliance believes in the indomitable will and wisdom of the people of Fiji to come together and do the right choice for all future generations by voting for a more responsible and caring government in the seats of the nation’s leadership,” Mr. Rabuka said.

Meanwhile, Fiji Labor Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry said the party is doing well in its campaign.

“We don’t give much importance to academic opinions,” Chaudhry said.

“People want change for the better and they want responsible, accountable government.”

He said the leadership’s record would play an important role in the voter’s choice of which party to support.


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