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By the News-Times team

The following questions have been asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: Can you tell us how voters in York County favored certain candidates, like governor, secretary of state, etc. ? And thank you for all the detailed coverage of the local election races – we appreciated it.

A: As for the primary election, here are some of the local highlights regarding the opinion of York County voters:

• In the Republican race for Congressional District 3, Adrian Smith obtained 2,180 votes against 590 for Mike Calhoun.

• For the Republican gubernatorial race, York County Republicans voted as follows: Michael Connelly, 23; Brett Lindstrom, 587; Donna Charpentier, 10; Lela McNinch, 21; Therese Thibodeau, 119; Jim Pillen, 1,227; Troy Wentz, 2; Charles Herbster, 819; Breland Ridenour, 57 years old.

• For the Republican race for Secretary of State, York County Republicans voted: Bob Evnen, 821; Rex Schröder, 567; Robert Borer, 899.

People also read…

• For the Republican race for state treasurer: John Murante, 1,271; Paul Anderson, 965.

• For the Republican running for state attorney general: Jennifer Hicks, 670; Mike Hilgers, 1,663.

• For the Republican race for State Auditor: Mike Foley, 1,914; Larry Anderson, 536 years old.

• For the Republican race for Civil Service Commissioner in District 4: Rod Johnson, 892; Eric Kamler, 1,427.

• For the Democratic race for Congressional District 3: David Else, 167; Daniel Wik, 133 years old.

• For the Democratic race for governor: Carol Blood, 288; Roy Harris, 64 years old.

• For the race for State Board of Education, District 5: Kirk Penner, 2,128; Helen Raikes, 845.

• Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District Board of Directors, Sub-District 7: Ronda Rich, 1274; Wayne Nestor, 455; Antoine Bohaty, 983.

• Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District Board of Directors as a whole: Becky Roesler, 290; Eugene Ulmer, 656; Jacob Ericksen, 428; Curtis Farrall, 573; Therese Otte, 672.

Q: I understand that the York County/Clay County District Attorney ran as a written candidate for Seward County against current Seward County District Attorney Wendy Elston. Can you tell us how it happened?

A: According to the Seward County voting results, Elston received 1,986 votes and there were 516 write-in votes.

Q: In the primary election, were there any York County residents who voted as members of the Legalize Marijuana NOW party?

A: Yes. Three York County residents who are registered as members of the Legal Marijuana NOW Party voted in the primary election.

Q: And that brings me to my next question – what does the Legalize Marijuana NOW party stand for, other than the obvious?

A: The Nebraska Legal Marijuana NOW Party is a Nebraska political third party established in 2016 to “oppose drug prohibition”. The Legal Marijuana NOW Party is an offshoot of the Grassroots Party and the organization has its roots in the Youth International Party of the 1960s.

Members say that “the primary goal of the Nebraska Legal Marijuana NOW Party, in addition to electing pro-cannabis candidates, is to increase voter turnout. Legal Marijuana NOW is a social democratic party that is anti-war, pro-labor and supports the rights of all minority groups. The Nebraska Legal Marijuana NOW Party promotes savvy environmental stewardship and denounces corporate personality.

Q: This week in a discussion, one of the county commissioners (I think it was Jack Sikes) said the county has no county attorney to talk to, which is true because that ours works in Clay County. My question is if John Lyons is officially the Clay County District Attorney or is he just filling in there.

A: He is officially listed as a Clay County Official – so he is officially the Clay County District Attorney.

Q: Which county in Nebraska is the smallest and which county has the smallest population?

A: Sarpy County is the smallest, measuring 248 square miles. And while we were researching, we thought we’d add that Cherry County has the largest land area of ​​all 93 counties in the state, measuring 5,960 square miles. Incidentally, York County ranks 54th in land area among counties, measuring 572.51 miles.

Arthur County has the smallest population, with 400 residents. Incidentally, Arthur County is also the fifth smallest county in the country, in terms of population.

Q: I was just thinking of mentioning that the county has been doing very well with the gravel roads since we had all this rain. Has anyone else noticed?

A: We hear yes, others have noticed, as mentioned at the York County Commissioner’s meeting this week. It was also noted that the county has hired another new truck driver, which will help increase gravel loads being hauled on rural roads.

Q: What percentage of Americans have had COVID-19?

A: The latest numbers we saw from different health organizations were that nearly six in 10 Americans had already had COVID-19, as of April 26.

Q: I saw that the country has reached a new milestone in the number of COVID-related deaths. Do you happen to know how many people have died in Nebraska due to COVID?

A: The latest information shows there have been 4,234 COVID-related deaths in Nebraska so far.


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