Abilities in Motion launches voting campaign | Regional News from Berks


READING, Pa .– Abilities in Motion, an organization that provides resources to people with disabilities, launched its first-ever voting campaign this year.

“2020 has been a very interesting year, to say the least,” said Stephanie Quigley, executive director of the organization. “Not only have we been faced with the global COVID-19 pandemic, but this is a very important general election coming up in November. We just want to make sure our consumers understand that their vote counts.”

The organization paid for 15 billboards around Reading and Berks County, reading “your voice, your vote” and spelling “VOTE” in disability icons to encourage people with disabilities to exercise their right to vote.

Abilities in Motion also created a public service announcement; he is about to launch a podcast on voting; and members participate in several statewide panels. They answered questions and provided resources to the people they serve.

“I think I read the statistic that 25% of Americans are disabled, and that’s a very strong voting bloc,” Quigley said.

She said that with more options than ever on how people can vote, she wants to make sure everyone is doing their civic duty.


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