Alleyoop’s #WontBe53 Vote Campaign Offers Free Goods to Upcoming Voters


The beauty world had to create its own take on the 2020 election. On the clothing side, it has become common for a fashion brand to release t-shirts, socks and even jewelry bearing the word vote, since the nature of the clothes lends itself well to sharing a message. But as you probably know, that’s not exactly the case with makeup. Alleyoop’s #WontBe53 voting campaign proves that there are ways around this problem.

Unveiled via Alleyoop’s website on October 1, the all-new initiative offers all shoppers a $20 beauty brand credit simply for pledging to vote. All you have to do is visit the beauty brand’s online store, click on its #WontBe53 page, and fill out the pledge form. Additionally, the same page offers a library of information about the electoral process, including links detailing how to vote in specific states and how to find your polling place.

“After learning the shocking statistic that 53% of non-voters in the last election were women, we dove into research into why these women are choosing not to vote,” said Leila Kashani, Founder of Alleyoop. , to TZR via email. “We then realized that in many cases this involved being overworked, overwhelmed, pressed for time and feeling pressure from outside sources to conform to an outdated way of thinking – all the things we already talk about. right now and that we’re solving, like a brand.”

For the ignorant, simplify beauty routines as a way to save shoppers time has been a central idea for Alleyoop since its launch in the summer of 2019. And with over 44,000 followers on Instagram alone, the beauty brand is undoubtedly influential in this niche – but not uncommon – demographic.

“We have confidence and influence with this audience,” Kashani continues. “I strongly believe in using the power you have to move the world forward. We have a platform and the means to help this core group of women really understand the importance of their vote – so how could we not we not do everything in our power to help change this statistic?”

Visit The Alleyoop website to take the pledge and receive your free product, now until 8:00 PM PT on November 3.

Are you registered to vote? Click here to take the first step by registering and ensuring your voice is heard in the 2020 election.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include new details about the Alleyoop initiative.


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