Analysis: Gone Nazzjonalista | Election 2022 Week 3


Now that the third week of the election campaign is behind us, Malta is now well past the halfway mark.

In all the turmoil, it won’t be a surprise if some events have flown under the radar. So to help you out, here’s everything you need to know about PN’s campaign week three.

1. A multidimensional approach to education

PN has offered strong solutions to make Malta’s education sector a international reference. Raising educators’ salaries and allowances, educational leave, and tax cuts were just the beginning. The party plans to incorporate a student-led system that develops our young people based on their talents.

Grech also pledged to open a specialized secondary school and “centres of excellence” each year to provide education alongside newly created party sectors.

Under the governance of the PN, people who want to follow an apprenticeship can also do so, with the Party committing to carry it out by partnering with reputable entities (incentivizing them with tax cuts).

Grech also urged the youth of our nation to pursue their studies abroad, with the help of the Party, to return and practice their craft at home.

Parents of children participating in extracurricular activities were also enlisted, being eligible for grants and vouchers, notwithstanding additional grants available to children aged 16-21 traveling for sports and/or the arts.

With children’s homeworkAlso making its way onto the political scene, the PN has been highly critical of Prime Minister Robert Abela’s plans to abolish homework, on the grounds that homework serves as a direct link between student and teacher, and even parents.

During the week, Grech visited other education centers in Malta, such as MCAST.

2. A pro-life party

Reiterating the party’s pro-life stance, Grech denied the opportunity to explore’Help to die‘, as a political issue, because of the sensitivity of the subject.

However, he is committed to protecting the rights of spring huntingfollowing Malta’s referendum decision but emphasizing that illegalities must be mitigated.

During the week, IVF and contraception were also discussed. In this regard, Grech announced that couples eligible for IVF treatment will see such treatment covered by the government, while contraceptives will be free for those aged 16 and over.

The people of Malta could perhaps see the problem of childhood obesity addressed directly through the PN’s proposal for healthy food policies to become a mainstay in our schools.

3. Family, security and improving our quality of life

In recent weeks we have seen the PN champion propose reforms in the family sector, but a new measure announced was one that would see eight weeks of paid parental leave given to parents as a basic right, and subsidies of 1,000 € women returning to work after giving birth.

Grech also pledged to create new units within the police force that deal directly with issues of domestic violence and violence against women.

With the worsening of the situation in the East and the increase in the price of wheat, the PN then undertook to put in place mechanisms guaranteeing a stable price of bread for a temporary period, while the country is in “emergency state”.

4. Leaders clash in a debate at the University of Malta

Grech and Abela, along with Ivan Grech Mintoff, Carmel Cacopardo and Paul Salamone faced off in the first election debate held at the University of Malta on March 10.

Party leaders took to their respective podiums to answer students’ questions in what has become the first confrontation of political leaders, with 16 days to spare before the election.

It also served to bring back to light many of the proposals discussed last week, such as PN’s plan to convert 50,000 cubic meters of land to ODZ, each year.

During the debate, Grech announced a pro-Ukraine “peace march” scheduled for March 12, 2022, calling for a suspension of campaign work for the day in light of the “big picture “.

You can follow the debate in the clip below and read an analysis here.

5. A new public transport infrastructure

The Nationalist Party has pledged to heavily target Malta’s infrastructure, especially in terms of public transport and other modes of transport.

“We want to legislate a master plan for public transport that does not compromise sustainability.”

A trackless streetcar could become a reality in five years, with less than half the cost it would take to set up a metro.

In order to relieve road traffic, networks of tunnels and roads would also be used. However, the aim is to encourage the use of public transport.

Even cycling has become a subject in PN plans, with incentives specifically aimed at people to switch to two wheels.

Outspoken Party members have warned that the upcoming election is one that requires deep thought. That Malta is at a crossroads with regard to events taking place not only within our borders but also outside.

The party candidates and the leader himself, this time, even continued to make themselves known in the next issues of the Ħerġin series. Definitely worth a look if you want to know a bit more about who you are voting for.

Need a refresh? You can read the PN first and second weeks by clicking on the hyperlinks. You can also see what the PN and PL freebees have offered so far, by clicking on here.

What do you think of the PN’s proposals so far?

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