As the very first city-wide ranked choice voting nears, Mayor de Blasio announces his ranking


June 10, 2021

NEW YORK–– As New Yorkers prepare to vote in the first-ever city-wide choice-voting election, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Democracy Director Laura Wood today announced “Put away your pizza, ”an interactive challenge that educates New Yorkers about the new system by encouraging voters to rank their favorite pizza toppings into a ranked choice system. The mayor demonstrated the new system by ranking his own favorite toppings:

  1. Green peppers
  2. Olives
  3. Sausage
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Pepperoni

New Yorkers can participate in the challenge and get a preview of the new voting system, on Early voting for the June primary election begins on Saturday, June 12. New Yorkers interested in voting by mail should request their ballot from before Tuesday June 15. Election day will be Tuesday, June 22.

“This year, Democracy is getting an upgrade in New York. But any new system takes time and practice to get it right. That’s why we’re calling on all New Yorkers to rank their pizza toppings this week. Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Ranked Voting will make elections in New York City fairer and more inclusive, and I am proud to support fun and engaging ways to educate New Yorkers on this new system,” said Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives J. Phillip Thompson.

“The ranked vote will give New Yorkers more votes in the election,” said Director General of Democracy Laura Wood. “This year, as you prepare your voting plan, make sure you’re ready to vote by practicing ranked choice voting with our Pizza Topping Challenge, and help spread the word by sharing the ballot with your family, friends and neighbors. Remember: early voting begins this Saturday. “

Ranked Choice Voting is a new voting system that allows voters to rank up to five candidates in order of preference. With so much at stake in the local elections and the implementation of a new voting system, educating the public is even more important than ever this year, which is why Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a campaign to education of $ 15 million in April. With the support of this funding, DemocracyNYC educates New Yorkers through multilingual workshops, Get Out the Vote programs, community engagement, phone banking, technology tools, print and digital media campaigns , and more.

“If there is one thing that brings New Yorkers together, it’s that our city has the best pizza in the world! But which toppings are the best? We encourage all New Yorkers to prepare for the next election, to learn how to use ranked choice voting and their voices heard, training with the Rank Your Pizza Challenge, ”said Dr Sarah Sayeed, President and Executive Director of the New York City Commission on Civic Engagement.

“Advance voting is an essential tool in overcoming obstacles that can prevent people from exercising their democratic rights,” said May Malik, Deputy Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Affairs. “All New Yorkers have the right to vote early and have the right to bring an interpreter with them to the polls. MOIA is proud to work closely with our agency and community partners to educate communities and ensure that the voices of New Yorkers are fully represented in our democracy.

“Ranked choice voting is a simple, proven electoral reform that empowers voters, encourages positive campaigning, and is more inclusive and representative. By implementing ranked choice voting, New Yorkers can vote independently, confidently and securely, ”said Community Affairs Unit Commissioner Roberto Perez.

“Personally my ranking is as follows: 1. Sausage 2. Peppers 3. Onions 4. Mushrooms 5. Canadian Bacon. Democracy NYC has developed fun and creative ways to engage and educate New Yorkers about our new form This contest, along with our investments in education about hyper-local ranked choice voting, will ensure New Yorkers from Coney Island to Baychester understand how to rank their votes, ”said Jordan Stockdale, Executive Director, Young Men’s Initiative.

“Rank voting is important because it gives our communities more opportunities to share our preferences. Bridge Philanthropic Consulting (BPC) is pleased and proud to support New York City DemocracyNYC’s dedicated efforts to educate voters in every borough of our great city. Partnering with our diverse network of community organizations, we are on the front lines every day, conducting much-needed outreach and education. Supporting New York City’s efforts to enable consensus to emerge through ranked choice voting is one of the most significant initiatives affecting our communities today, ”said Dwayne Ashley, CEO, Bridge Philanthropic Consulting.

“Ranked Choice Voting gives you the ability to rank your candidates from those you like most to least, giving those candidates who may not be able to raise the most money a chance to win. We partner with DemocracyNYC to educate our neighbors and peers who live on controlled blocs on the importance of voting and how to vote. Through our partnership, we are able to bring information and knowledge directly to the bloc – ensuring that ALL New Yorkers are part of the democratic process, ”said Jahlil Allah, founder of Crew Count.

“Over the past year, we’ve partnered with over 750 organizations and delivered nearly 500 trainings, reaching nearly one million New Yorkers as part of our education efforts. noted Sean Dugar, Program Director of the Rank the Vote NYC Education Campaign. “Ranked choice voting gives voters more opportunities to have a say in who represents them. I have no doubt that New Yorkers are ready to rank.


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