Brooks and Capehart on Voting Rights, the Build Back Better Program, the VA Gov Race.


David Brooks:

Yeah, I was actually amazed that he was so open about it, because they’re still in the middle of negotiations. And, presumably, every source on the Hill says a lot can change.

But he went ahead and said what’s in it, what came out, maybe as a way to prepare people who are going to be disappointed. What happened in this bill when they first drafted it is that everyone got it. It was Christmas, and it was Christmas in the homes of the rich. Like, everyone has everything. And now they have to make choices.

And so they made choices. Some choices, I think, are quite unfortunate. They jeopardized the magnitude of the child tax credit, which I think is the best thing in the whole bill, which really dramatically reduces child poverty.

Some choices that they could walk around could be really good choices. They have lost their hearts to climate change. But senators like Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden are talking about a carbon tax. And that would solve a lot of things at once. It would help reduce carbon emissions, but also increase income to pay for this stuff.

And so I’m still thinking about it a lot during negotiations. And what I’m looking for is, is there a theme to what they leave and what they take away? Do they have an overall theory of the case?

In my opinion, we have spent the last 40 years funneling money to wealthy college graduates. We should have a big expense bill that funnels money to people without a college degree who are in the working class. And that would be my theme, deciding what comes and goes.

At the moment, I’m not sure if I see it.


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