Chris Sutton’s Celtic analysis is spot on; rivals should be scared regardless of title outcome


Chris Sutton has secured his final Celtic analysis spot, and that should absolutely scare Rangers ahead of the long-term future.

So much is fixed on the destination of the league championship. You can understand that too. After all, no one thought there would even be a title race this season. You can see exactly why he took hold of Scottish football as they headed into the last 6 Premiership games before the split.

If Ange Postecoglou wins the Scottish Premiership title this season, it would be one of the greatest achievements of any Celtic manager. It would instantly make him a club icon and be the ultimate humble piece of pie for anyone who laughed at his appointment in June.

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Sutton pushed Ange for manager of the year in his latest column. And, fittingly, he said it should be up to Ange to win or lose because of Parkhead’s turnaround.

Speaking via his Record column, Sutton said: “Ange Postecoglou is manager of the year. That’s regardless of what happens between now and the end of the season. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no point in even starting the vote. Postecoglou’s work at Celtic makes him an outstanding candidate and you might as well give him the award now.

“No doubt that statement is going to put people under the collar but, if you’re being honest and impartial, who else can you really vote for? Celtic were an absolute shambles at the start of the season. The club had lost the title by a whopping 25 points last season against Rangers. It was a one-sided rout of Rangers. My old club was a mess. The whole team needed an upheaval. It needed a whole new team.

The clear message coming out of the Celtic camp is one we can all follow | 67HH LIVE

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The clear message coming out of the Celtic camp is one we can all follow | 67HH LIVE





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“Walking in that environment and taking over when things are going well is one thing. Doing it when there is chaos in the building and still delivering is a feat. Postecoglou could well go on and win a hat-trick. But, even if he doesn’t, I’d say he’s manager of the year material.

Chris Sutton on site – Ange Postecoglou the outstanding candidate for manager of the year

If Celtic were to lose the title this season it would of course be devastating. We’ve been flirting with the prospect of winning it for so long now that anything short of crossing the line would be a heartbreaking moment for us.

However, even if that were to happen, it wouldn’t have meant Celtic haven’t progressed this year. Remember, everyone was predicting they would be away from Rangers this season. The fact that we have to, at the very least, race them so close is in itself a scary thought for our rivals.

There is something special to build at Celtic and you can see exactly what Ange is trying to do. Next season, whether we win the championship or not, should see an evolution of this team. Something that would take him beyond our rivals no matter what happens that term.

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Of course, there will be desperation from both clubs to win this season’s title to cash in the UCL money. The winners would definitely gain a huge advantage over the others. But at the same time, Ange has a team here that is improving every month and fully committed to the long-term goals of the football club.

Considering where we were this summer, Ange should be sure to win the manager of the year award. It doesn’t matter if he sees the title either – the award should still be his. You can’t just ignore what Celtic have become if we fail to cross the line.

The turnaround is absolutely sensational, and there’s even more to come next season, regardless of how the title ends. It’s almost certainly something Rangers would be scared of.

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