Comprehensive analysis reveals low voter fraud


ATLANTA (AP) – An Associated Press review of all potential cases of voter fraud in the six battlefield states disputed by former President Donald Trump found less than 475 – a number that would have made none difference in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrat Joe Biden won Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and their 79 Electoral College votes by a total of 311,257 votes out of 25.5 million votes cast for president. The disputed ballots represent only 0.15% of his margin of victory in those states.

The cases could not question the result even though all of the potentially fraudulent votes were for Biden, which they were not, and even though those ballots were actually counted, which in most cases, was not.

The review also showed no collusion aimed at rigging the vote. Virtually every case was based on an individual acting alone to cast additional ballots.

The results are supported by a mountain of other evidence the election was not rigged, including verification of the results by Republican governors.

The PA review, a process that spanned months and encompassed more than 300 local election offices, is one of the most comprehensive reviews of suspicions of voter fraud in last year’s presidential election. It draws on information collected at the local level, where officials must reconcile their ballots and account for discrepancies, and includes a handful of separate cases cited by state secretaries and state attorneys general.

Here are some of the culprits of “massive electoral fraud,” according to Trump, which wrongly deprived him of a second term:

A man from Wisconsin who mistakenly believed he could vote while on parole.

A woman in Arizona suspected of sending a ballot for her deceased mother.

A man from Pennsylvania who went to the polls twice, voting once for himself and once for his son.

The cases were isolated. There was no widespread and coordinated deception.

The cases also highlight that suspicions of fraud are both generally detected and exceptionally rare.

“Election fraud is virtually non-existent,” said George Christenson, election secretary for Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, where five people statewide have been charged with fraud on nearly 3.3 million ballots for the President. “I would have to venture to guess it’s about the same chance as being struck by lightning.”

Even in the state with the most potential fraud cases – Arizona, with 198 – they were less than 2% of the margin by which Biden won.


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