Cruz proposes Texas secession if Democrats pass voting rights reforms


Texas may need to consider seceding from the United States if Democrats pass agenda items designed to empower marginalized voters, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in a public appearance last month.

Speaking at Texas A&M in mid-October, Cruz, in response to a question from an audience member on the issue of Texas secession, said he was “not yet ready to abandon America”. But if Democrats end the filibuster, fill out the Supreme Court, make Washington DC a state, or pass federal reforms designed to make voting more accessible nationwide, “there may come a time when that. is hopeless, ”added Cruz.

These types of reforms “would fundamentally destroy the country,” he said.

Democrats discussed the possibility of modify the rules on systematic obstruction in order to adopt legislation on the protection of voting rights, by allowing a simple majority in the Senate to create national standards to be followed in every US state. Meanwhile, making Washington DC a state would allow residents of that jurisdiction to be represented in Congress, a goal that many have sought for decades. Polls on the question of statehood in Washington show that a majority of Americans support the idea.

Some polls have also shown that almost half of the country supports “Consolidate” or increase the size of the Supreme Court. There is precedent, as the High Court has changed in size several times in its history, although the last time was in 1869.

Coincidently, it was the same year that the Supreme Court ruled that states do not have the right to secede of the Union, five years after the Confederate States lost the civil war. In Texas vs. White, the tribunal ruled, by a majority of 5 to 3, that individual states could not decide to leave the Union, even if they had the support of their residents.

Recent Supreme Court justices have also looked into the issue. The late Justice Antonin Scalia, who was a conservative mainstay of the Supreme Court before his death in 2016, responded to a letter from a screenwriter in 2006 on the issue of state secession.

“If there was a constitutional problem solved by the civil war, it is because there is no right to secession”, Scalia said in his response.

In his remarks last month, Cruz said he was not yet ready to support secession. But he also said that if the changes he mentioned did happen, Texas should “take” NASA, state-based military infrastructure, and state-produced oil.

We don’t know if Cruz is serious about secession. Indeed, when asked if Texas would be willing to take Joe Rogan, a popular Austin-based podcaster who regularly broadcasts false information about the coronavirus pandemic on his program, the Texas senator responded enthusiastically.

“Joe Rogan, he could be president of Texas!” »Said Cruz.


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