# Election2020: NACA launches massive voter mobilization effort during early voting on election day


(Photo: Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America)

Looking for a safe and free way to go to the polls in the next 20 days?

On Monday, the first day of early voting in the state of Georgia, the 15-passenger vans were deployed to nine counties in the Metro Atlanta area to ensure that anyone who wants to vote can go to the polls for free.

Officials said the fleet would be deployed from Atlanta’s House of Hope Church to Decatur daily at 8 a.m. and would continue until the polls close each day. Voters can request a race by going to www.naca.com or by calling 888-495-6222.

“This unique campaign will provide total coverage for everyone in the Metro Atlanta area,” said Bruce Marks, Founder and CEO of NACA. “This has never been done before in Georgia’s history and will ensure that many of those who find themselves disenfranchised because they simply have no way to vote in person will now have transportation. safe and secure to enjoy their rights and fulfill their obligations as an American. citizen. “

NACA is a non-profit community advocacy and homeownership organization whose primary objective is to build strong and healthy neighborhoods in urban and rural areas of the country through home ownership. affordable property.

The NACA also launched a similar voter mobilization campaign this week in Houston and San Antonio. Additionally, the organization ran voter registration and verification campaigns through its digital platforms earlier this year.

“The Roll to the Polls campaign will ensure that thousands of Atlanta-area voters who otherwise might not be able to exercise their right to vote and have their voices heard,” said Marks.

According to Marks, comprehensive security measures are taken to put people at ease. The vans will be equipped with PPE, disinfectant and disinfectant.

“The vans will be fully stocked with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to ensure passengers remain safe from the coronavirus and appropriate social distancing measures will be in place for all passengers, drivers and staff,” said a spokesperson.

NACA and the House of Hope Atlanta were joined by a diverse coalition of organizations and businesses to make the campaign a reality.

They include the DeKalb County NAACP, Power of Praying Women Collective, Jackson Protection Agency, DAP Signs, Trusted Care, D & A Transportation Services, Community Social Justice Atlanta, The Victory Group, Mentoring Exceptional Leaders, TGI Friday’s, Fat Sisters, Bojangles, Ben & Jerry’s and others.

NACA is the largest housing services organization in the country and is growing rapidly by expanding its existing 30 offices, headquartered in Boston, opening many new offices nationwide, and expanding the services it provides. offers to its members.

Since its inception, NACA has been at the forefront of the fight against bad loans and has been the most effective organization in providing affordable solutions to more than 250,000 homeowners, according to Marks.

“So organizations are either a service organization where they provide a service or an advocacy organization,” Marks said. “And the two are not often combined into one. So if you’re an advocacy organization and one of them is effective and there are a number of good advocacy organizations out there, but when you win then the results are, well, you have to hand them over to someone else or to the lender you’ve been campaigning against, to do the right thing, which they invariably don’t do.

“We understand that we want to be respected for the day-to-day operations we do and for getting people to access affordable homeownership and other consulting services,” he continued. “But we also want to be feared for advocacy and if they don’t do the right thing, we’re going to hold them accountable. We will pursue them wholeheartedly and we will hold their CEOs personally accountable for their actions. “

Launched in 1988, NACA has an excellent reputation for successfully advocating against predatory and discriminatory lenders, as well as providing the best mortgage program in America with $ 10 billion in funding commitments. The organization’s conflicted community organization and its unprecedented mortgage program set the national standard for helping low and moderate income people realize their dreams of homeownership.


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