Fall Out Boy Has Joined iHeartMedia’s ‘Why I Vote’ Campaign E! News UK


Ahead of the November election, the group will explain why it’s so important to get out and vote.

iHeartMedia has launched a new campaign called “Why I Vote”, aimed at encouraging people to vote in the upcoming US election.

This will involve short campaign slots airing on 850 radio stations as iHeart sharing their answer to the question “Why am I voting?”

Alongside the likes of Billie Eilish and imagine Dragons“Dan Reynolds, Fall out Boy will also be featured and let you know why showing up in November is so important.

John Sykes, President of iHeartMedia Entertainment Business had this to say:

“With voter turnout expected to reach record numbers on Election Day, “Why I Vote” presents a rare opportunity for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to have their voices heard by millions of their fellow Americans before they cast their ballots in November. ” .

You can find out more and even submit your own audio clip explaining why you are right to vote HERE

The band also recently signed an open letter alongside Panic! At The Disco, Linkin Park and Green Day, to require political candidates to obtain consent before using their music in their campaigns.

It comes after Donald Trump stormed out of his rally in Phoenix, Arizona! “High Hopes” by At The Disco and a cover of In The End by Linkin Park were used on a video posted by the White House social media director.

You can read the full letter right HERE


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