Fukuoka’s New Voting Campaign Urges Voters to Relax Electoral Rights, Improve 【Videos】


pump this iron so we can put our whole body and soul into the polls!

Voting is one of the most important rights granted to citizens. Thanks to the power to vote, the humble citizen is granted a place in the governmental decision-making process; there may not be much we can do in politics, but at least we can firmly express our preferences and dislikes with our vote and hope that enough of our peers feel the same way.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to convince people to vote. Sometimes it’s a matter of pure motivation, other times of forgetting (if you forget to write your local election date on your personal calendar, you might miss it). But don’t worry, folks at Fukuoka City – it will be very hard to forget when to hit your local polling station.

Fukuoka City is home to unsinkable 7-Eleven stores and notorious grape thieves, but they are also very serious about inspiring their citizens to go and vote. So naturally, they decided to choose the most inspiring figure of all: an unnecessarily buff man.


Ahead of voting week, they released three videos, each featuring Akihito Ohara from the renowned muscle group All Out. In each video, Ohara exercises a different part of her beautiful body while a polite voice involves you using that part when delivering your vote at the polling station. We start with the hips, move on to the back and end with the arms.

▼ In case you were wondering, Ohara is from Aichi Prefecture, not Fukuoka.


In the final video, the narrator’s voice implores everyone – “both muscular and not so muscular” – to come and join their civic duty on November 18th, but after watching all those horrible shots of Ohara flexing until sweat runs down her legs, it’s hard not to immediately rush to the gym rather than at the polling station.


As muscular men seem to have very little to do with the political process, it is likely that Fukuoka City is banking on a viral social media boom caused by the simple “WTF” factor of associating politics with pectorals. It will be interesting to see what effect this will have on turnout on election day itself… Maybe we’ll see buff guest stars from other prefectures, attracted by the call of proteins? The buff men have certainly drawn crowds before, so maybe the city of Fukuoka is really on to something here.

Top image: YouTube / 福岡 市 選 挙 管理 委員会 事務 局
Source: Fukuoka City Polling Site Going through Japan


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