Local non-profit organization hosts election webinars and launches voting campaign


The Michigan National Council of Jewish Women has launched a voting campaign to increase turnout. In the photo, Southfield residents went to the polls at Southfield Town Hall on March 10.

SOUTHFIELD – For the upcoming election, the Michigan National Council of Jewish Women has hosted a webinar series, “The Power of Your Vote,” which has three installments.

The Southfield-based non-profit organization hosted its first webinar on September 15, as part of a meet and greet forum. It included local candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties.

The next webinar will take place on October 8 and is titled “Fall Focus: Protecting Michigan’s Election”. The event will feature Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown and West Bloomfield Township Clerk Debbie Binder.

The last of three webinars will take place after the election on December 3 and is titled “Post-Election Reflections: Implications for the Future”. The webinar will include discussions with political experts Nolan Finley and Brian Dickerson.

To view these webinars, registration is available at https://www.ncjwmi.org.

The NCJWMI describes itself as non-partisan and does not advocate for or against any candidate or political party.

“The main thing we wanted to do was really educate the community and let them know what was going on,” said Cathy Cantor, state policy counsel for the NCJWMI board.

Apart from the webinars, the organization also launched a campaign called ‘Let’s Vote’, designed to get more people to vote in national and local elections.

Less than 36% of eligible youth voted in Michigan’s 2018 election, according to a statement. The organization hopes to change that by asking young people to take part in a mail-in ballot campaign, ensuring that young people are registered, complete their mail-in ballot application, and mail out their mail-in ballots sooner.

“We’re so focused, we’re so inundated with everything nationwide,” said NCJWMI president Amy Cutler. “We really need to take care of our community and what’s going on in Michigan. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to just bring it to the fore and educate everyone about our own community. “

The main goal of the webinars and the voting campaign is to ensure that everyone can have their voice heard.

There have been local elections across the country that were decided by a few votes or a small percentage, so going to vote can make a difference, the group said.

The big push to vote is to help people understand that those elected in November will be making decisions that could affect day to day life, and voting gives the opportunity to have a say in who takes these decisions.

“People are going to get elected. Do you want to have an impact on this? Brown said. “It has an impact on your life. Elected officials make political decisions that affect your life, every aspect of your life. It’s your right. You should exercise it. Every election is important. It’s not just this one.

For more information on NCJWMI, visit https://ncjwmi.org.


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