Mass tactical voting campaign slated to win second Brexit referendum | Politics


Campaigners for a second EU referendum are planning the “biggest tactical voting operation ever in Britain” in a bid to secure a majority for another public vote.

Voters in England, Wales and Scotland will receive advice on which candidate they should support in the next election to come up with a parliament ready to support a second referendum. Significant additional funds and armies of activists will also be directed to key headquarters as part of the campaign to secure a new vote.

The organizers of the initiative, overseen by the People’s Vote campaign, stress that it is a non-partisan project that will support individual pro-referendum candidates who are “in the best position” to win. Among its top 20 backers, the campaign is asking voters to back candidate Lib Dem in nine seats and Labor candidate in 11 seats.

Former Tory Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine backed the campaign, saying pro-Remain voters would have to make a tough choice in an election that was “unlike any other”.

“The majority of those opposed to Johnson’s Brexit will have the opportunity to stop it. But it will mean difficult decisions for millions of people who could, like me in the recent European elections, find themselves voting for a party they have never supported before, ”he told reporters. Observer. “But it will be an election like no other in my lifetime. Brexit is losing the political allegiances of millions of people. Together, we can ensure that in a new parliament there is a majority to resolve this crisis. “

However, tensions are already mounting, with senior MPs campaigning against a hard Brexit among those expected to miss an approval. Anna Soubry, the UK MP for Change who resigned from the Tories following Brexit, cited her constituency of Nottinghamshire, which has already seen a close fight between Labor and Tories. “What are they going to do in Broxtowe?” The popular vote campaign must support the people who launched the idea of ​​a popular vote. We were doing it in the face of utter derision from some of the people who are now on board. People not only potentially gave up their careers to support it, but also did so at a huge personal cost to their safety and that of their families, ”she said.

Organizers recognize that there will be difficult cases in which “hard” decisions will have to be made as to which candidate is best placed to win the seat. Some seats may not receive any approval when there is no obvious pro-referendum figure.

Anna Soubry speaks at an event on opposition to the suspension of parliament to prevent no-deal Brexit on August 27. Photograph: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

Meanwhile, former Tories kicked out of the party for opposing the lack of a deal could also be backed in areas where the victory of a pro-second referendum candidate seems unlikely. In cases where candidates with a realistic chance of winning both support a referendum, the campaign may decide to only provide information on the candidates’ positions and not to offer support. The project will take note of local pacts where pro-remaining parties have banded together to support a candidate.

As immediate attention in Westminster turned to a likely election later this year, supporters of a second referendum believe it may yet prove to be the only way to resolve Britain’s exit of the EU. a interactive tactical voting center will offer a “comprehensive and independent guide” on which the pro-second referendum candidate is best placed to win a seat.

Map of tactical voting zones

However, the project will focus on around 100 seats considered the second referendum battleground, where there is a potentially tight race between pro and anti-referendum candidates. A provisional list of marginal seats on this battlefield has been drawn up, although it is subject to change during the election campaign as more information becomes available.

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, of the youth-led campaign group For the Love of Our Future (FFS), said thousands of students and young people have registered to vote. “This generation of young people will be unlikely to stick to the traditional electoral allegiances of political parties and will vote tactically.”

The People’s Vote campaign said the program was “Britain’s biggest tactical voting operation ever to secure a majority in the new parliament for a final referendum that will give everyone the chance to decide whether the UK leaves the country. ‘EU or stay’.


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