Michelle Obama calls on Wynwood Walls agency for election campaign



Kayla Mahaffey – @ kaylamay_art.jpg

An image of Lady Liberty drowning – except her torch underwater – with the message “Vote to Light Our Way Forward” may seem familiar to some viewers who have seen artist Beau Stanton’s work displayed on the walls from Wynwood. Stanton is one of 13 artists tasked with creating digital murals to inspire voter participation in a recent campaign launched Monday by Michelle Obama’s voting organization, When We All Vote.

The organization engaged Goldman Global Arts, the creative agency that manages Wynwood Walls, to select artists whose work will be exhibited in Times Square and in arenas and stadiums across the United States, including the ‘American Airlines Arena.

Digital murals vary in style and medium, but the message is the same: go vote.

“Art has the power to unite, it has the power to amplify messages of hope and encourage dialogue,” Jessica Goldman Srebnick, founder of Goldman Global Arts, said in a statement. “Art has the power to create change. We’re proud to work with When We All Vote to bring together 13 American artists to amplify the importance of every vote and get that message out on billboards across the country while sharing these original works in a dynamic campaign on social networks. It is a project of which I am extremely proud. Regardless of your party, we must do our part to protect democracy, we must all VOTE.

The participating artists are Aliyah Sidqe, Beau Stanton, Buff monster, David Flores, Greg mike, Hueman, Kayla mahaffey, Kai, Mojo, Peter Tunney, Reggie “RAL86” Le Flore, Shepard Fairey, and Queen Andrea.

This story was originally published 6 October 2020 13:03.


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