Netflix boy Noah Centineo opens F ** k This I’m Voting campaign ahead of US election


America’s newest idol Noah Centineo and entrepreneur Josh Heller have launched a new nonprofit initiative. On the West Coast of Hollywood, the two found a Favored Nations charity, as a report from The Hollywood Reporter mentions. They named it, F ** k This I’m Voting. It’s a new creative initiative where artistic experience meets house of influence, all in the name of making voting feel less like a civic chore and more accessible and engaging, with irreverent slogans – such as hats for sale that say “Give a Shit 2020” – along the way.

Engaging campaign around the elections

Noah Centineo and Josh Heller launched Favored Nations six months ago and have an exhibit hall where visitors can take selfies in front of voting-themed facilities that talk about various electoral and global issues such as climate change and the gender equality. There is also a dedicated wall for visitors. When they receive an internal invitation, they can write on a wall what makes them proud to be voters and why they chose to go out and vote in the election.

In another room in their space, they have a light display that the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” star calls Galaxy. The room is a small-scale version of the Infinity Room at LACMA, which was originally intended as an experience to broaden our vision.

Finally, they have a dizzying room with two square keyboards. Each of the keyboards contains 16 buttons that activate flashing lights, six flat screens, and they play video clips of US-based politicians and their famous speeches they gave during or before election season. The Perfect Date star prefers to call it the “immersion room”.

On the way to VR

The whole project is a virtual reality experience which is also accessible from its official website. “Favored nations as a whole are focused on leveraging mass social media platforms to raise funds for other charities, but in this election we have decided to focus on voting, especially with the young generation, because there are literally millions of new voters in the past two years and they never have before. We wanted to sort of destigmatize the idea of ​​voting. A lot of people don’t vote to protest because they think it doesn’t help them, which I believed for a long time and now I don’t. I think I have a little more information now, ”Noah Centineo said in his release byte.

Due to the pandemic season, entry to their room has been restricted. The usual rules such as possession of masks and disinfectants apply to all visitors. “We clean up after each group has passed,” added Noah.

The F ** k This I’m Voting campaign is intentionally non-partisan. “This whole campaign is focused a lot on those people who feel like their vote doesn’t count. It’s not f ** k the current administration. It’s not” f ** k red “or” f ** k blue “. We motivate them to say, you know what ‘F ** k it. I vote for the environment or I will vote for the candidate who emphasizes mental health or equality” said Josh Heller, to whom Noah Centineo added: “This is about ‘F ** k this. I get involved. This is when we decide to act.”


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