Scottish election of 2021: Unionist tactical voting campaign launched and warns of supporting small parties

Scotland in Union today released an interactive website for voters wishing to prevent a second referendum.

Scotland in Union has published an interactive website for voters whose priority is to prevent an SNP majority and a second independence referendum.

He suggests voters support their preferred established pro-Britain party in the regional party list vote, either Labor, Tories or Liberal Democrats.

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He also warns against dividing the pro-British vote by supporting any other smaller party.

A Scotland in Union spokesperson said: ‘The polls clearly indicate that a second referendum is not a priority for the Scottish people and would divide our country.

“But the SNP will use every vote it receives to advocate for another referendum on its negative view of leaving the UK.

“If you don’t want your ballot in this election to be used to divide communities, friends and families, you should consider voting tactically to stop the SNP in your constituency and voting for one of the three. main pro-British parties.

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“Scotland in the Union has received requests from supporters for advice on who to vote for to stop an SNP majority.

“Tactical voting could make the difference.

“So if your priority in this election is anything other than a divisive referendum, then this guide will help you decide which parties to support with both of your votes.”

The campaign’s new website allows everyone in Scotland to enter their postcode and receive a suggestion for their two votes.

The link will be sent to Scotland in the Union’s 34,000 registered supporters and shared on social media.

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