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Updated March 7, 2021.

Given how this year unfolds, you might be ready to move quickly to 2021 (we’re almost there!). Beyond it’s no longer 2020, next year has other great things to do, including Music’s Biggest Night, aka the 2021 GRAMMYs. Airing Sunday, March 14, 2021 on CBS, the 63rd GRAMMY Awards honor the excellence in music released in late 2019 and 2020. Hope you are as excited about the series as we are!

To make sure you stay up to date, read on for more on dates and important details on the GRAMMY nominations (they were announced on November 24), the Recording Academy membership voting process, and all. remains at the GRAMMY Awards 2021!

When is it ?

On Sunday March 14, 2021 will take place the 63rd edition of the GRAMMY Awards. The health and safety of performers, guests, crew and staff is always in mind at every GRAMMY, so logistically things will be a little different this year.

62nd GRAMMY Awards Closing Show

How to watch the 2021 GRAMMY Awards show

Ahead of Music’s Biggest Night, has put together a helpful guide on the different ways to watch the show and fully experience the GRAMMY 2021 season. Check out our official Watch The 2021 GRAMMYs Live page and read below to More details.

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Who is nominated ?!

The announcement of the nominations is one of music’s biggest days outside of the show itself, when hundreds of performers learn they are in the running for a golden gramophone. For the upcoming 63rd GRAMMY Awards, the nominees were announced on November 24. You can consult the full list of 2021 nominees here and see the stars again Announcement of nominations live here. You can also find out who the most nominated artists are this year here.

GRAMMY nominations are always a very festive day for nominees. It truly is a time when all the love, long hours and hard work that has gone into music is worth it. Celebrate with the 2021 nominees in this summary of happy reactions.

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Who plays ?!

The 2021 GRAMMY Awards show performers include Bad Bunny, Black Pumas, Cardi B, BTS, Brandi Carlile, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Mickey Guyton, Haim, Brittany Howard, Miranda Lambert, Lil Baby, Dua Lipa , Chris Martin, John Mayer, Megan Thee Stallion, Maren Morris, Post Malone, Roddy Ricch, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

To view a list of current nominations by artist, please visit our GRAMMY Awards Performer and Presenter page here.

What about the premiere ceremony?

Preceding the 2021 GRAMMY Awards show, the 63rd GRAMMY Awards premiere ceremony will take place Sunday March 14 at noon PT, and will be broadcast live internationally via

Hosted by three-time GRAMMY nominee Jhené Aiko, the premiere ceremony will feature a number of performances by current GRAMMY nominees including: Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper Burna Boy, jazz band Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Science, blues musician Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, classical pianist Igor Levit, Latin electropop musician Lido Pimenta, singer, songwriter and performance artist Poppy, and singer, songwriter and songwriter Rufus Wainwright.

Learn more about the ceremony for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards.

Which versions are eligible?

The product eligibility period for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards is Sep 1, 2019 — Aug. December 31, 2020.

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What will the show look like?

Just ahead of the nominees’ announcement on November 24, the Recording Academy revealed that South African GRAMMY-nominated comedian Trevor Noah will host the 2021 GRAMMYs.

Although the format of next year’s GRAMMY Awards has not been announced, Harvey Mason jr., the Acting President / CEO of the Recording Academy, gave an overview of what to expect at the 2021 show in June during an interview with Variety. “We are simultaneously developing three plans for what the show would look like: one is the traditional show with a full crowd, two is a limited crowd and three is not a crowd, and there is creativity around these. three ideas: how and where we would film it, but none of them involve changing or postponing the date, ”Mason said.

“I’ve spent a lot of time talking with artists, managers and labels and getting a feel for how the pandemic is affecting the release of music – and as you have surely noticed, the amount of music. released actually increased during the pandemic, so we wouldn’t want to delay our date with so much great music coming out, ”he continued.

“But I also think it’s important and useful to have shows like this, when there has been so much uncertainty and turmoil – to have something that you know happens every year and to knowing that there comes a time when we all sit together and watch some good entertainment and art… We’re trying to build the next evolution of the Academy, and the show will go along with that. public or not, we’re going to try to take things to the next level, “added Mason.

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Most recently, on September 30, he spoke to Variety again and added that no matter what, the show will be performed entirely live, with no pre-recorded segments.

“We are looking at Staples [Center] with a small audience, even if it seems more and more improbable; Staples with live performances without an audience; or something a little more virtual, with elements coming from different places, ”Mason said. “We are still waiting for news from our network and site partners and our medical experts, because we obviously want this to be safe for everyone …

“Obviously, this is a very unique year. We have reviewed all [2020 awards] watch very closely and I’ve spoken with some of the people who put them together – the creative side and also the business side. I think there have been some great examples of how to present music and awards at these shows, and I think there are other things we’re going to do quite differently. Civic and social unrest deserves to be addressed, and we always encourage artists to voice their opinions, so I expect that we will receive messages from both the artist side and the Academy side. “

Behind the Board of Directors: Harvey Mason Jr.

We can’t wait to experience all of the magical GRAMMY moments, epic performances and heartwarming speeches – that’s exactly what we need to start 2021 on an inspiring note. While you’ll have to wait closer to the show to find out who the performers and presenters are (who are always announced in multiple waves), what is certain is that things will be off the chain.

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What’s new for 2021?

Many exciting changes will take effect with the 63rd GRAMMY Awards! After Ken Ehrlich’s 40-year career as executive producer of the series, the Emmy-winning producer Ben winston takes the reins. The very experienced writer / director / TV / film producer worked on “The Late Late Show with James Corden, “co-create Corden’s beloved”Carpool Karaoke“show with the actor himself.

James Corden Subway Carpool Karaoke | GRAMMY 2018

Besides, several major changes to voting guidelines and rules, the latter which affects five price categories, will come into force this year. These updates, announced in June, reflect the Recording Academy’s continued commitment to evolving with the music landscape and ensuring that the nomination process and rules are more transparent and fair. More details on the changes can be found in the link above, but rule / category updates are highlighted below.

  • Best Contemporary Urban Album Renamed Best Progressive R&B Album include a more precise definition to describe the merit or characteristics of musical compositions or performances in the R&B genre.
  • Best Rap / Sung Performance Renamed Best melodic rap performance to represent the growing hybrid performance trends within the rap genre.
  • Latin Pop album has been renamed Better Latin Or Urban Pop Album AND Latin Rock, Urban Or Alternative Album has been renamed Best Latin or Alternative Rock Album to represent the current state and eminent representation in Latin urban genres.
  • There is no longer a specified maximum number of outings that prohibit artists from entering the Best New Artist Category. The selection committees will determine if the artist achieved breakthrough or notoriety before the year of eligibility, such determination would result in disqualification.

Another exciting category update came in November, when the world’s best music album became the most inclusive. World’s Best Music Album. While this may seem subtle to those unfamiliar with the baggage that the term “world music” carries, it represents an important tribute to its past and a movement towards a more inclusive and adaptive future.

The new name was decided after long conversations with artists, ethnomusicologists and linguists around the world, who decided it was time to rename it with “a more relevant, modern and inclusive term”, explained one e -mail sent to members of the Recording Academy. “The change symbolizes a departure from the connotations of colonialism, folk and ‘un-American’ that the old term embodied while adapting to current listening trends and cultural evolution among the various communities that exist. ‘he can represent. “

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Key voting dates

As the only music award recognized by peers, the GRAMMY is the music industry’s highest honor. This means that GRAMMY nominations and winners are determined by music professionals who are voting members of the Recording Academy.

  • Sep 1, 2019 — Aug. 31, 2020: Product eligibility period
  • Sept. 30 – Oct. 12, 2020: First round vote—Eligible members vote to determine the 2021 nominees!
  • November 24: Announcement of nominations!
  • December 7, 2020 — Jan. 4, 202: Final round vote—This round determines the GRAMMY winners!
  • Sunday March 14, 2021: 63rd GRAMMY Awards ceremony and premiere

Your Academy: Welcome to the new 2020 membership class

Learn more about GRAMMY Awards FAQ page here, including on the voting process.

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