Tejashwi responds to BJP MP’s call to deny Muslims suffrage, warns Shahnawaz Hussain


reacting to Bihar BJP MP Haribhushan ThakurIn his statement on turning Muslims into second-class citizens by denying them the right to vote, opposition leader Tejashwi Prasad Yadav told the Assembly on Wednesday that “no mai ka lal (mother’s son) can take away the right to vote” for Muslims. , and expressed surprise at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s silence on the matter.

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“Let me first make it clear that no mai ka laal can take away the right to vote from the country… When Nitish Kumar was with us, he used to warn against such things,” said he declared.

The RJD leader then turned to Industry Minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain and said, “Shahnawaz bhai, your citizenship is at stake. Chief Secretary (Amir Subhani) may lose his right to vote. I expected the Chief Minister to condemn such a statement, but I am surprised at his silence.

He also expressed surprise that the JD(U) leader did not ask his alliance partner to expel Thakur from the BJP.

Hussain then rose to speak. “Since my name was mentioned, legislative provisions allow me to respond. The Indian Constitution grants the right to citizenship and does not take it away. There can be no debate on that,” the BJP leader said.

Tejashwi suggested Hussain say the same to his fellow party members.

Thakur, the MP for Bisfi, is known for his controversial statements. He said twice last week that Muslims should have their right to vote taken away and they should live as second-class citizens in India, ‘as they were given’ a separate country at the time of partition in 1947. The BJP State demanded his explanation.


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