Watchdog: Companies claiming to support voting rights hypocritically gave Senate Republicans $ 640,000 who thwarted voting rights legislation in 2021


Ahead of President Biden’s speech urging Congress to adopt federal voting protections, government watchdog Accountable.US released new analysis revealing that large corporations that claim to support voting rights have granted at least 644 $ 500 to Senate Republicans who blocked two major federal voting rights bills in 2021, the Free Voting Act (FTVA) and the John Lewis Advancement of Voting Rights Act (JLVRAA) . Accountable.US has challenged these companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Walmart, to back their words for all Americans with access to the ballots, especially black and brown voters historically disenfranchised.

“As more state-level politicians who have engaged in the big lie push for voter suppression measures to deny the freedom to vote to millions of voters of color and people with disabilities, the need to ‘Adopting federal voting protections couldn’t be more urgent, ”said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Many large companies have assured their customers and employees that they recognize that our democracy is particularly vulnerable, but have then chosen to reward politicians seeking to make voting a privilege, not a right. These companies sell the public a bill for goods about what really interests them – exerting political influence over as many lawmakers as possible, regardless of the values ​​compromised in the process. If companies really value the right to vote, now or never to prove it.

“Businesses can show they are serious about preserving democracy by urging the Senate to remove all loopholes and outdated barriers that prevent the passage of urgently needed electoral protections,” Herrig added.

The FTVA would restore the right to vote of those formerly incarcerated, guarantee people with disabilities equal access to postal ballots and ban long wait times to vote, which would have a significant impact on black and Latino voters. The JLVRAA would restore the provisions of the Voting Rights Act and strengthen protections against discriminatory state laws.


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