Who is responsible for the failure of the negotiations on the electoral law? – Sarajevo Time


Why did the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ BiH) reject the electoral system? A new meeting should be held next week if the main players are ready. It looks like everyone will be there. But with well-known attitudes.

Five days later. The streets are empty, the guests have dispersed, the sea is calm. The winds are blowing from the party camps. Everyone has their own impressions, but the equation is obviously complex. The only thing they have in common is that the negotiations failed. Case x, which is to blame, is unknown.

Because Mr. Covic rejected the model proposed by Mr. Palmer and Mrs. Eichhorst who certainly wanted to meet the Croatian side, Bakir Izetbegovic, President of the Democratic Action Party (SDA).

Four days of complete isolation. A few days later, dropper details. The guests arrived with a gift in the form of a proposal: an electronic voting system. What exactly that would mean remains unknown. As a reminder, at the end of last year, Palmer talked about floating constituencies. In Neum, explain the insiders, the proposal has been modified, the units have been transformed into electors, but models are still being sought so that they are not divided according to the ethnic principle, with the obligatory removal of the national prefix.

“They proposed that the amendments to the Constitution should go in the direction of BiH having three members in the presidency, two being elected from the Federation, one from Republika Srpska (RS), without national determinants,” Nermin Ogresevic said. , President of the European People’s Union of BiH (NES).

The proposal was rejected, mainly by the HDZ BiH. Not because it doesn’t suit them. According to the SDA, personal interests and the fact that they do not want to reduce the powers of the Federal House of Peoples take second place. The old actors, wellknown story.

“Covic was wrong when he rejected this case. And I am quite convinced that specialists, experts, accept this solution, and that many are already telling him: Dragan, this should have been accepted,” added Izetbegovic.

“It is a national determinant, three constituent peoples, they cannot be erased from the Constitution. It is a state of three constituent peoples,” said Barisa Colak, HDZ BiH delegate to the House of Peoples of the Parliament of BiH. BiH.

A new weekend awaits us, and consultations are on the agenda. Narod i Pravda – People and Justice (NiP) chairman Elmedin Konakovic briefly said that he would talk to the chairmen of all the parties who should take part in the new negotiations. If there is a will, there will be a meeting next week. There may be a willingness to sit down, but the expectations are – one to ten: three, believes Izetbegovic.

There are eight months left before the elections. Time flies, borders do not move. Instead, new moves follow. The HDZ BiH will discuss it tomorrow, and the final decision on the boycott of the elections and party activities will be taken at the end of the session of the Croatian National Assembly (HNS).


Source: Federalna


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