Will stand alongside voters to exercise their right to vote: CEC


Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal today pledged to stand with voters should they face any obstacle in exercising their right to vote.

There could be a failure in the measures to guarantee the right to vote for compatriots, but we must continue to try to guarantee these rights, because we have a constitutional duty to do so, ”he said during the a broadcast marking National Voters Day, held at the EC. Bhabane.

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He said they would ensure that voters could freely exercise their right to vote without any fear.

Voting is not just a right; it is also a huge responsibility. The vote can create a new government and a new parliament, he said.

Stressing the need to vote, the CEC said voters can elect leaders and if leaders do not behave properly, they can change them with the power to vote.

He urged everyone to work sincerely and honestly in the performance of their duties. If someone doesn’t, they have to face the music. “Don’t work under anyone’s influence,” he told the show.

Elections Commissioner Md Alamgir said there is a need to analyze the reasons for declining voter turnout in elections.

“All election officials should strive to create a conducive atmosphere in which voters can exercise their right to vote,” he said.

Three Election Commissioners Ahsan Habib Khan, Rasheda Sultana and Anisur Rahman sought the cooperation of all political parties and other stakeholders to organize free, fair and participatory elections.

Rasheda Sultana said they would be able to hold a “good election” if everyone cooperated with the EC from their respective positions.

Officials of the program’s electoral commission have unveiled data showing that the total number of voters is 11.32 crore. Among them, 5.76 crore male and 5.55 crore female.

About 15.71 lakh new voters have been registered to vote since March 2021, they said.

EC began celebrating National Voters Day in 2019, with the aim of raising awareness among people, especially young people, about democracy, elections and their voting rights.


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