Wyman’s replacement says’ yes’ to parolees’ right to vote


On Wednesday, November 10, Governor Jay Inslee appointed the 44th District State Senator, Steve Hobbs, to take Kim Wyman’s seat initially as Secretary of State for WA.

Some of his votes seem to contradict the traditional positions that a person from a military background would take.

Wyman, who many GOP members believe was an “R” in name only, will join the Biden administration to help fight interference and fraud by domestic and foreign voters.


Governor Inslee issued a statement regarding his appointment saying in part:

“Steve is a dedicated public servant. He has a strong national security outlook through his work in the Army and National Guard. His cybersecurity experience will be crucial as electoral systems across the country continue to grapple with threats.”

He is a former army veteran who served in Kosovo and Iraq and has represented the Lake Stevens district since 2006.

He’s a decorated veteran with a lot of cybersecurity experience, However, his voting record appears to contradict Inslee’s statements about him. Some of his votes seem to contradict the traditional positions that a person from a military background would take.

According to justfacts.org, a review of his voting record in the last legislative session shows he voted YES on the following invoices:

  • Expanding the State Task Force on Social Equity
  • on the creation of an environmental justice council
  • prohibiting the open carrying of firearms near the Capitol in Olympia (bold letters added for emphasis).
  • Creation of the independent counsel desired by Inslee for the investigation of allegations of force lethal by law enforcement. (bold letters added for emphasis).
  • And finally, the only bill we found that would apply to his new post, overseeing the elections, Hobbs voted YES on granting the right to vote to those on parole following the commission of crimes.

Hobbs will begin his new post as Secretary of State on November 22, Sec. The main task of the state is to oversee our elections. Whether he declares himself in the post will be decided in the November 2022 election.

Many GOP officials believe that the appointment of Hobbs by Inslee guarantees a “rubber stamp” of the governor’s policies and beliefs about elections and politics in our state.

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